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Quality Control
    We adhere to the principle of "Quality best, Credit first" and the enterprising spirit of "Striving for progress and innovation" and our sincere & professional services to provide our clients with more high-quality products and services.
    Regulate and restrict employee's behavior with quality standard as a result that the excellent performance at work to guarantee the best quality of the products.
    Make a quality evaluation among the suppliers and inspect the sample in each raw material. Strictly forbid the use of unqualified products. Make regular maintenance for the equipment to ensure they are in a good condition and prevent any badimpact on the quality due to the performance of the equipment.
   Set up a quality control point for every production process to ensure each procedure is under control and inspect the sample at random during the production process. The unqualified sample can not enter the next procedure.
   We conduct well-rounded inspection to the finished products of each batch in accordance with the quality standards. Only the conforming products can be packed to store in the warehouse.
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